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Barn Owl_edited.jpg
Critter Luminaries
What better way to add light to your life?  These whimsical luminaries are created in varieties that are known to include but not limited to bears, rabbits, goats, elephants and chickens to name a few. Each one is unique with it's own personality. $150-$175
Horse CL_edited.jpg
Mushroom Lantern1_edited.jpg
Porch Lantern_edited.jpg
Porch Luminaries
But don't limit them to a porch.  They also do nicely hanging on a Shepard's hook along a walkway.  Beautiful nature inspired themes are endless and can include birds, small creatures and dragonflies.  $195
Dogwood Lantern.jpg
Butterfly Lantern_edited.jpg
Julie's OtherSpecial Creations
mountain ware.png
I  "heart" the Mountains service ware
Each piece has a heart shaped mountain in the mountain range. Available in mugs, plates, trays and serving pieces.
Mt Utensil Holder.jpg
group of mt mugs.jpg
Fox FF_edited.jpg
Forest Faces
Who could resist their favorite little forest animal peeking through the leaves? Some favorites include bears, wolves, rabbits and squirrels.  $110
Bunny FF.jpg
Bobcat FF.jpg

Dogwood Ware
Romanic Dogwood... not much more you can say!  

dogwood Oval.jpg
Wind Chimes
For those who enjoy the feel, sights and sounds of a gentle breeze.
Also in a variety of different themes $85
Mushroom Chime.jpg
Pink Honeysuckle Chime.jpg
Forest Bird Bath.jpg
rabbit star gazer jar.jpg
Star Gazer Jars
Whimsical creatures guarding little somethings in a jar while dreamily gazing at the moon and stars above.

lrg flower cake plate.jpg
Cake and Dessert Stands
Inspired by the love of nature, these specialties come in two sizes; 9 inch for cakes and larger desserts and 6 inch for those small delicacies.  Each one is unique and one of a kind.  The cake domes are hand pressed and made in the US by Mosser Glass.
Cake Plate_edited.jpg
sm flower dessert plate.jpg


Foxy Family $375

Animal Sculptures
An elegant addition to those special places including your garden area.

Three's A Crowd $450

Wisp of Hare $350

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